There are some things that just don’t happen more than once in a lifetime — like seeing a celebrity in public or finding a Samsung QLED TV for over $1,000 off.

We can help with the TV one. (Lady Gaga hangs out here though, so maybe we can help with both.)

This 82-inch Samsung QLED smart 4K TV from the Q6F series is just $2,549 when you add it to your cart at Walmart, making it a whopping $1,248.99 off. That also happens be $450 cheaper than the sale price on Samsung’s site

The smart TV market is way different than it was even five years ago. LED is now QLED or OLED, and HD can be UHD, HDR, 4K, or even 8K — and unless you’re really up on your tech stuff, TV shopping might be feeling way harder than it needs to be. Read more…

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