Synopsis: Amorim Flooring challenged us to create a compelling film for his new green product. The result is here and it will make you dance.

Challenge: Wise is the new sustainable product of Amorim Flooring, one of the most recognizable cork brands of the world. Our challenge was to announce the groundbreaking nature of this product – with a negative footprint and non PVC – through a powerful story.

We came up with the concept of a pavement as a stage. A stage where you can be whatever you want and make your own choices. To highlight the features of it, BY counted with António Casalinho, a renowned Portuguese ballet dancer. Through his organic moves, we are led on a journey of dedication and choices in a continuous parallelism between the features of pavement and the art of dancing.

This was a singular way to communicate a unique product on the market, combining elegance, art and sustainability in just one film.

Video of Wise – The dancing choices

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